Squad Timing is a phone and tablet app for track and field coaches, cross country coaches, athletes, and parents.

The purpose of Squad Timing is to easily record meet data for teams and save the results into your database. You can then easily search and export the data into a useful spreadsheet.

The stopwatch automatically follows the order of your events and allows you to easily record athlete performances, comments, and places.

Field events can be recorded in metric or standard, and you can use comments to record misses etc.

Meet or practice results are saved on your device and can easily be exported into a spreadsheet and downloaded.

Individually create and edit athletes or upload your whole team from a formatted .csv file

Select events that will be at your meets and the event order.


Squad Timing does not collect, save, share, or use any data, or personal information from its users.


Please see the following tutorial videos if you need assistance:

If you have suggestions, find a bug, or need further help please contact me and I will do my best to assist.

Paul Schorey